A MAPSpace Collaborative Residency
Interplay: Beth Dary and Sarah Lutz 
Artists-in-Residence: October 22- November 17, 2012
Installation on view throughout January 19, 2013.
Artist Talk and Reception: Saturday, November 17, 5-8pm
See their daily activities on the Residency Blog
Beth Dary and Sarah Lutz collaborated on a dynamic gallery installation that highlights the natural environment and compelling history of Port Chester. Throughout the residency, they documented their ideas and progress in an ongoing blog. The artists mapped the Bryam River on the gallery walls, a poetic interpretation of the water's journey and the water levels across a hundred years of time.
Both artists have a deep affinity with nature originating from their lives spent on the water both in New York City and Cape Cod. This common ground informs the distinct, yet related vocabularies found in their work and provides them with a mutual language to articulate the discoveries that are bound to manifest as they work side-by-side. Dary and Lutz are intrigued by the notion of a collaborative residency— not merely a shared space but a truly collaborative, creative process where each is responding to their own last mark as well to each others', ultimately creating a call & response dynamic much like a jazz ensemble.
The artists created a small suite of drawings during the exhibition. The drawings are mixed media on handmade paper, in two sizes, seven images 10x10" and five 8x8". please call for info.
Thanks also to Ilene Sunshine, who was part of the original proposal, but was unable to proceed with the residency due to family obligations. We look forward to working with her on future projects.