MAPSpace believes that art making is one of the actions that makes us human and reflects the best part of our nature. Original art brings an energy and thoughtfulness to our lives that enriches and expands our lives. MAPSpace specializes in helping match artists with people ready to be inspired. Art is not a static decorative object passively in the background but an active, reciprocal interaction between artist and viewer. Bringing art into your life can challenge, enlighten, calm and inspire. If you are interested in bringing art into your home or business, or in expanding your collection, contact us. We don't believe that art is out of reach of anyone's budget, and work with artists and collectors to bring meaningful, economical, and quality contemporary works into willing hands!

MAPSpace offers museum quality framing and installation for artists, designers, collectors, companies, and the public. We specialize in original artwork, understanding the specific requirements of fine art, and of framing works of value both monetary and sentimental. We offer a sophisticated, contemporary perspective that keeps the art as the focus while fitting into diverse locations. Our belief is in a simple elegant presentation that does not interfere with the work but holds it in esteem, allowing the art to remain in the foreground while never going out of style. 
Miranda Arts project Space is a unique loft space for hosting intimate meetings, groups, parties, wine tastings. Contact us about hosting your event.

We offer portfolio reviews for artists, and professional practice and studio workshops. Contact us for private reviews. Check education for workshops and programs. Also check out the opportunities for ways to participate.

Contact us for more information about any of our services.
Patricia Miranda, Director